10 Health Benefits of Carrot | Carrot Nutritional Facts

Carrot( Daucus Carota) is mainly a root vegetable. Majorly found are orange in color. Though carrots of different colors such as purple, black, red, white, and yellow also exist. The mainly eaten part of a carrot includes the taproot but few have its stems and leaves also. Carrot is a popular vegetable in every common household. It is because of its high nutritional value and also it is easy to cook.

If we look a bit into the history of the cultivation of carrots, it states its origin.  It says that the first cultivation of domestic carrots can be dated back to Central Asia.  Whereas, its wild ancestors were probably discovered in Persia. It is presently said that carrots are grown from seed which takes about four months to mature. But under the right conditions, carrots also seem to mature within 70 to 80 days. The optimum temperature for growing carrots ranges from 16 degrees to 21 degrees.  

In this article, we will be dealing with the nutritional values and emphasizing 10 important health benefits of consuming carrots. 

10 Health Benefits of Carrot

Carrots contain two main parts that are the water content which constitutes about  85-95%. And the strong and firm edible part contains about 10%  carbohydrates. Carrots are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, manganese, vitamins, and B. It also contains certain powerful and necessary anti-oxidants that help in reducing mental stress and has immersible other health benefits. 

If we measure the nutrition provided by 100gms of carrot, it would have- *nearly 20 calories which insists that carrots are very low in calories. *6gm of carbohydrate that gives us energy  

*2gm of fiber 

*3 gm of sugar 

*0.5gm of protein  

*2.8gm of fiber 

Carrots are also an important source of vitamin A, k1, and B6.



We all know “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. So, let’s get to know how carrots mainly help us to make our health our wealth! 

  1. Keeps blood cholesterol in control 

High blood cholesterol is harmful to the human body and is related to various cardiac diseases. The intake of carrots keeps blood cholesterol in control and lowers the chance of heart attack.  

  1. Takes utmost care of the digestive system: 

Carrots smoothen the process of digestion and help in reducing other digestive problems. Also, research has shown that carotene-rich foods lower the risk of colon cancer. Consuming fiber-rich food such as carrots helps in improving your gut health.  

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer: 

Carrots are mainly said to be rich in many plant compounds. One of the most important ones is carotenoids. Carotene-rich food intake reduces the chances of several types of cancer in a human being. 

  1. Improves vision: 

No doubt that the high content of Vitamin A in carrots helps us in improving our vision. It cures many problems related to eyesight. Night blindness is a serious disease that is very much curable by increasing the intake of carrots. 

  1. Helps in weight control : 

As the nutritional content of carrots has a very less calorie percentage, consuming it helps in weight loss. Hence, carrots can be added in subsequent meals for a weight control diet without a doubt. 

  1. Controls sugar level: 

Carrots have a natural sweetness that acts as a good substitute for sugars brought from the market. The inclusion of carrots in the diet of diabetes patients can help them to balance their sugar levels to a lot extent. 

  1. Strengthening immunity:

Vitamin C is one of the major compounds of carrots that acts as a great immune booster. It improves the wound healing property of our body and no doubt that it helps in preventing and curing numerous diseases.  

  1. Improves bone health:  

Carrots are highly rich in Vitamin K and a small amount of Phosphorous and calcium. All these factors finally prevent many fatal bone diseases. 

  1. Improves the skin:
    Carrots are highly rich in Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants. They help in flushing out all toxic materials of the body and helps the body remain toxin-free. This also results in healthy glowing skin. It paves away all kinds of problems such as dryness, acne, pigmentation, etc.
  2. Acts as an anti-aging product: 

 The high level of carotenes present in the carrots acts as an anti-oxidant that cures all kinds of cell damage. This in turn stops the process of aging. This also helps in protecting the skin from harmful UV sun rays that tend to damage the skill deeply. 

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How Can We Include Carrot in Our Diet? 

After knowing so many great benefits of carrot it is important to also know about the process of including it in our regular diet. Carrots act as versatile vegetables.  They can be added to any kind of curry, stew, etc. It can be taken in many forms- 

  • Shredded and then added into salads with a tasty dressing on them. 
  • Boiled carrots can add up to a good healthy diet. It must be helpful for people who are in the body development process. 
  • Carrots can also be used in making pastries and muffins. Thus it doesn’t fail to serve the sweet taste buds also!  
  • Lastly, fresh carrot juice or smoothies can really add up as an anti-oxidant drink to your diet that ultimately helps you to remove toxins from your body.

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