1897 Positive Cases and 73 death, Covid-19 toll Crosses 1000 in India

According to the health ministry dashboard at 8 am, India has alarmed with 1897 more new cases of Covid-19, in which 73 deaths occurred in the last 24 hours but the good news is 827 people were cured and discharged. 

After this rapid increase in cases, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that lockdown will remain to continue after May 03, 2020, in the areas which are badly affected by the pandemic, and the area are announced as the hotspot.       

Even though the national lockdown was announced and most of the people were kept indoor, Maharashtra and Gujarat had still reported many positive cases. There were 11,196 positive cases reported in Maharashtra, out of which 400 died and 1388 are sent back home. In Gujarat, the figure of positive cases is 4359, out of which 181 died.  

Both the states have a doubling rate of infections at 8.3 and 8.8 days respectively. Talking about the country doubling rate is 10.8 days, which is from the beginning of the fourth month. The national capital, Delhi patients have alarmed with 87 more positive cases, but the number of positive cases at Delhi is less as compare to the western state.

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According to the federal think tank NITI Aayog statics, more than half which means 60% of positive cases are found in Delhi and 14 districts. Delhi has 11 districts and the account of positive cases is 12.62%. 

With increased cases, the health ministry has cautioned against the use of plasma therapy. It has been seen as a magic bullet to cure the patients. The therapy is transfusion of a component of blood and antibody-rich plasma from the recovered patient to those who are suffering from this viral disease. The trail is only done with all indispensable approval. Some of the recovered patients from India have already donated the plasma. 

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had issued a document on plasma therapy, which promises to cure the Covid-19 cases.

Globally, the figure of an infected person is 3,114,659 and 217,153 have died because of respiratory illness. The shocking and latest update is from the United States, which has recorded one-millionth of Covid-19 cases and 58,351 deaths on Tuesday.


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