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“Astigmatism, common Disease but can be dangerous for us” 

Nowadays for Pollution, stress, frustration, depressions, work pressure Eyes are mostly affected. Today we are discussing Astigmatism which is a very common eye disease. First, we need to know what is Astigmatism. Astigmatism is mainly a disease that makes a condition where eyeballs which are known as Cornea or Lens shapes aren’t completely round. It’s different from other human eyes. If we See any disorder shape of the cornea that is called Corneal Astigmatism and we have any disorder shape of the lens that is called Lenticular Astigmatism. Some Astigmatism is happening because of refractive errors which are Myopia and Hyperopia. Astigmatism is there types mainly. They are: 

  • Farsighted eye vision problem is called hyperopia.
  • Sighted eye vision problem is called Myopia
  • Someone has both vision problems then that is called mixed Astigmatism.

Astigmatism has a classification as regular and irregular. In regular, the principal meridians are perpendicular but irregular is not perpendicular. Most of the Astigmatisms are regular which gives you the front surface of an eye an oval shape. In irregular Astigmatism can happen by an injury that scarring in your cornea. 

Cause of Astigmatism: 

It’s mainly happened because of The irregular structure of the eyes Cornea or Lens. Sometimes light rays are refracted properly because of Astigmatism. 

Symptoms of Astigmatism: 

  • Blurry vision or abnormal vision
  • Eyestrain
  • Headache
  • Night vision is problematic
  • Irritation in Eye

It can be also occurred by hereditary. Sometimes present during childbirth. It can also occur by Keratoconus, which makes your cornea thinner and Cone-shaped.  Astigmatism can be decreased or increase over time. 

When to See a Doctor For Astigmatism?

If you have this kind of symptoms please visit your nearest Eye specialist or Ophthalmologist. It’s very important to do a full eye checkup. He or she can advise you what we can do if we suffered from Astigmatism.


Astigmatism Diagnosis:

If your ophthalmologist finds any kind of problem in your eyes, He will do a full Eye checkup. Which is mainly divides into 3 parts. 

  • Phoropter- It’s an ophthalmic testing device to determine your Eye during sight testing, refraction of your eyes. It mainly consists of any kind of lenses. Doctors give you many kinds of lenses for your clear vision.
  • Keratometer- This is mainly used for the curvature of the surface of the cornea. It helps to determine the proper fit of contact lenses. It’s also measuring the light reflection of the cornea.   
  • Autorefractor- It’s a mainly computer-controlled machine. This machine helps you to determine that home much light shines in your eyes and how much bounces back from your eyes. It gives you a computerized prescription. 

The doctor gives you a prescription that has some numbers that are called Diopters. 

  • The first number is Spherical corrections. If someone has a minus Sign that means she or he has near sight vision problem. If someone has a plus sign that means she or he has far sight vision problem. 
  • The second number is how much Astigmatism is.
  • The third number is the axis, the location Astigmatism of your cornea. 

Once the doctor can do all these tests and then he or she can advise you for further process. He or she can give you the power of lenses. If your problem is complicated then you need surgery. 

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Treatment For Astigmatism:

At first, you need to visit an ophthalmologist. Then he or she treated your Astigmatism in two ways. 

1)Corrective lenses- Astigmatism patients need to wear soft contact lenses which are called Toric lenses. Special Toric lenses can correct your cornea. But if you’ve suffered from more Astigmatism. Then you need to wear gas permeable rigid contact lenses which are called Orthokeratology. You might wear it when you’re sleeping. It can reshape your cornea. You need to wear it regularly. It can give you the regular shape and helps to Improves your vision. If you wear Contact lenses on a daily basis so they need to clean them regularly. It can give you safe eye health. 

2) Surgery: laser surgery also gives you shape in your cornea. Sometimes you need to do refractive surgery. Types of refractive surgeries are LASIK (laser in situ keratomileuses) and PRK( Photorefractive keratectomy).PRK helps to remove the tissue from the superficial and inner layers of the cornea. LASIK helps to remove tissue from the inner layer of the cornea. 

3) ORTHOKERATOLOGY: Its’s involves the fitting of series of contact lenses. You can wear it the whole night to reshape your reshape. It can not help you total relief from Astigmatism. 

4) Glasses: People with Astigmatism can wear glasses or spectacles. The eyeglasses contain a cylindrical shape lens. This provides additional power in specific parts of the lens. At first, A single vision lends prescribed for clear vision. Patients over age 40, who have presbyopia may suggest a bifocal lens. 

So that is all about Astigmatism. Infants or children’s also suffered from this disease. After the birth of it can be happened. So children need to eye checkup after 6 months. Children may not realize their blurry vision. So If they can recognize the blurry vision. They need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Children who are suffered from this disease, are new-born babies, school-age children. If you’re an adult then you need to do an eye checkup each month. As an adult, if you’re reading in low light or watching a Laptop, Pc or Tv very much closer. Then you have to stop this because it can because of Astigmatism. If you can suffer from Astigmatism then you need to eye checkup. After a check-up doctor can decide which type of treatment you required. 

Everyone should do eye exercises regularly and don’t take frustration in their life. You need a deep sleep which gives your eyes relaxation. Don’t take too much stretch in your life. It can be dangerous for your eyes. It can affect your head. That is not very good for us.

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