FDA Authorities Approved A Rapid Coronavirus Test That Can Diagnose Covid 19 In 45 Minutes

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CNN reported that the US Food and administration has approved one new test that could diagnose covid 19 in 45 minutes. The FDA announced that the tests were made by California based company Cepheid and it will be sent to US facilities by 30 March. However, right now the test will only be going to be used in which hospital setting where the patient is already in critical condition, in the emergency room or hospital triage wing and require diagnosed rapidly, the STAT reported. This test can diagnose Corona Virus (covid 19) within three hours.

However, states are also implementing drive through a test that has succeeded in another country including South Korea.

The chief medical officer of Cepheid “David persing” told STAT, we do not believe this technology should be used at least initially in one office of a doctor because it is not a test for the worried well. The production capacity of Cepheid is limited but in the coming weeks, it will be produced millions of tests said STAT. however, other companies with approved tests will be able to produce millions of tests per week by April the STAT said.

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The provider that performs the test, do not need any kind of training to administer the test that is processed one of the gen expert testing systems of Cepheid. The united state has been plagued by various or serves a shortage of tests that allowed the new covid 19 SARS cov 2 to spread undetected for weeks. However, the test kits that initially sent by the centers for disease prevention and control were faulty and for some weeks the government stops local labs from manufacturing their own kits.

The testing has risen significantly in the past two weeks and as a result, the number of cases registered or confirmed in the country has skyrocketed. Saturday, March 21, the US has confirmed more than 24000 cases and more than half cases confirmed in the state of New York. An accurate and right test delivered close to the patient can be reframing or transformative and also help to reduce and alleviate the pressure that has because of the Corona Virus outbreaks.

However, nearly every country in the world runs to diagnose and confirming new cases every hour. Because of this, the US is now facing many problems and competition for supplies some things like chemical reagents, and swabs, which are required to run the tests.

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