India’s confirmed CoronaVirus case Increases to 112 and Maharashtra cases highest

The number of coronavirus cases has risen in India and Maharashtra ranks the highest in the number of cases. After Maharashtra, Kerala comes and next to the other states. The coronavirus cases in Maharashtra rise so fast and took the number of covid 19 patients in India to 112 on Sunday.

Today, the case of coronavirus reported 112 from 93 that tested the previous day. Recently 19 new cases detected in the country and amongst the cases detected include 15 from Maharastra that surpassed Kerala as the state with the highest number of reported coronavirus cases. To stop increasing the infection and spreading virus of coronavirus the chief minister uddhav Thackeray to shut down colleges, schools, malls till 31 March. The Mumbai police have taken a step to prevent the public against the virus and banning all large gatherings.

On Sunday, the government of Gujarat declared an epidemic in the state and also took another big decision. The state government has closed or shut down temporarily all educational institutions including Anganwadi, schools, and tuition classes, till 29 March. Some other states such as- Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, Delhi, Odisha, and Jammu Kashmir also have joined and shut down the educational institution.

The central and state government of India has over the last few days shut down colleges, schools, cinemas, and malls. Moreover, most border check posts quarantined international air passengers closed and health authorities said to people to practice and maintain social distancing to slow down the spread of the disease.

As part of preventive measures against the virus of all offices is encouraging their employees to work from home, and convocation and all festivals canceled. Moreover, parliament also has banned and stopped visitors.

The state health minister Rajesh tope said Maharashtra government also postponed all school and university examinations except standard 10th and 12th, until further notice. Health officials and experts have expressed concern about the infection of coronavirus that is spreading so fast. Health associated said people do not have immunity to fight with this disease so people need to keep some points in their mind. They need to avoid public gathering and also take some precautions.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held one video conference with other SAARC nations to make a joint strategy for fighting the outbreak of coronavirus. Ten people discharged from the hospital after treatment. However, worldwide more than 162000 people are infected and up to 6000 have died.

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