Man dies from Hantavirus in China: All you need to know about the virus, and how it spreads

Even as the coronavirus outbreak takes the planet by storm, a variety of other diseases also are rearing their ugly heads. Cases of swine influenza and bird flu have already been reported in India and other countries. Now, a person from China has tested positive for Hantavirus. China’s international Times tweeted that the person from … Read more

FDA Authorities Approved A Rapid Coronavirus Test That Can Diagnose Covid 19 In 45 Minutes


CNN reported that the US Food and administration has approved one new test that could diagnose covid 19 in 45 minutes. The FDA announced that the tests were made by California based company Cepheid and it will be sent to US facilities by 30 March. However, right now the test will only be going to … Read more

‘Terrifying’ New Research Warns 2.2 Million Could Die From Coronavirus in US

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A surprising scientific report compiled by UK researchers and shared with the Trump White House. It shows that the new coronavirus can kill up to 2.2 million people in the United States alone, without concerted and drastic government action is shown. He warns that it can be done. A new study, led by epidemiologist Dr. … Read more

India’s confirmed CoronaVirus case Increases to 112 and Maharashtra cases highest

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The number of coronavirus cases has risen in India and Maharashtra ranks the highest in the number of cases. After Maharashtra, Kerala comes and next to the other states. The coronavirus cases in Maharashtra rise so fast and took the number of covid 19 patients in India to 112 on Sunday. Today, the case of … Read more