Migraine Headache Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Types of Migraine


Is your headache actually a migraine? A migraine is more than those dull, throbbing pains that mysteriously appear refusing to let you work or do your thing and then harmlessly disappears without bothering you too much. Migraine is a health condition that deserves your care and attention. Migraine pains affect you in more ways than … Read more

Ophthalmodynia Periodica – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Ophthalmodynia Periodica, Symptoms, and Treatment, Migraine, Headache

Ice Pick Headache is the common name for Ophthalmodynia Periodica. It is named so, as it is the best way to describe the headache we get while suffering from Ophthalmodynia Periodica. So if you feel like someone is stabbing your face with an ice pick then you are probably suffering from an ice pick headache. … Read more