Updates of Coronavirus In India: 14000 cases with 480 deaths

Today coronavirus cases crossed the mark of 14000. 900 people tested positive for the case in the last 24 hours. And the total count went up to 14,378. And nearly 480 people died since the break out had started in India.

In the –present time India has 11,906 active COVID-19 patients. 1991 patients have fully recovered until now, according to the data provided by the Ministry of Health and welfare. 

Maharashtra remains at the top position of the most affected state that has till now 3000 patients of Coronavirus. The financial capital of India, Mumbai is having 1000 coronavirus cases. While the death toll has now increased to 201 in the state. 

Not just Maharashtra but Delhi is also fighting hard with the COVID-19. It has nearly 1,707 cases confirmed as the coronavirus. While Tamil Nadu remains at the third most affected state with having 1,323 patients of coronavirus.

Since the last Friday evening29 deaths have been confirmed due to COVID-19 from which 12 from Madhya Pradesh, 7deaths are from Maharashtra, four from Delhi, three from the Gujarat state and each death from Jammu and Kashmir.

While the total number of death in each state are – 69 in Madhya Pradesh, 42 in Delhi, 41 in Gujarat, and 18 in Telangana. To stop this outbreak of coronavirus in India, the ICMR also called Council OF Medical Research have instructed all the states of India to do a rapid test of antibodies for surveillance of coronavirus hotspots in the country. 

And so according to the Health ministry, India had got nearly five lakh rapid antibody testing kits on Thursday from China. The chief of epidemiology and communicable disease, Dr. Raman Gangakhedar that these kits were just for the checking and surveillance and tracking and were not to get the early diagnosis.

Here is the compilation of total cases of corona in India as per state: 


Delhi- 1707

Tamil Nadu-1323

Madhya Pradesh- 1310

Gujarat- 1099

Uttar Pradesh- 849


Andhra Pradesh- 572

Kerala- 396


Jammu Kashmir- 328

West Bengal-287


Punjab -202









Himachal Pradesh- 36




Andaman Nicobar-12




Arunachal Pradesh-1

This coronavirus and till now effected more than 2.24 million people across the world and killed nearly 153 people worldwide, as the data provided by John Hopkins University. It still keeps on increasing day-by-day.

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