Waning in the growth of COVID-19 in India

Waning in the growth of COVID-19 in India: doubling rates have now upgraded to 6 days says, health minister

India is fighting better with the COVID-19 virus compared to many other countries and finally, coronavirus growth factor has been downgraded to 40% in the nation, as said by the union health minister. In a daily press, the minister said that the growth factor was 1.2 till the 1st of April that later on stood to be 2.1 nearly on the 14th of March. Thus, now there has been 40% degrade in the COVID-19 growth factor.

The minister of health also added further that the doubling rate in the cases was increased in 3 days in March to 6.1 now. Before the lockdown was implemented in India the doubling rates of coronavirus were 3 days while after the lockdown initiated the doubling rates have now come down to 6.2 days. And even in 19 states, union territories are even lesser than the average rate of doubling. As said by the health minister, Lav Agrawal.

Lav Agarwal also added that India is acting much better responses compared to the other developed nations across the world. The ratio of the recovered patients of COVID-19 to the deaths stands at 80:20 in India that is much more than ratios of other countries which is a sign of better recovery from COVID-19 in India.

It is also said that the rate of doubling is much less than the national level in the union territories and the 19 states including-Tripura, Assam, Ladakh, Puducherry, Delhi, Bihar, UP, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Uttrakhand, TN, Odisha, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh.

All this information tells that India is doing a lot better than several developed nations because India had implemented the Lockdown on time and are taking all the important steps to eradicate this virus. 

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